Black don’t crack

We are a family of black female entrepreneurs, a tribe of independent women of color. Together, we put in the work to showcase the best version of ourselves to the world with our everyday duties.

More experience, Bettter Together

The BIxO Tribe is a place where you can be whoever you want, talk about whatever you want without anyone judging you as you pick up tricks and tips from other women of color like yourself.

About Us

Because you are a Black Woman

There is nothing like the power of the Black Woman regardless the multiple layers of challenges she faces. We are here to empower each other, to feel full and fullfilled, to be authenthic, and live the life we all deserve. Let’s do this together!


The Suggested text: ” We are amaizing at what we are doing, caring and supportive. The Tribe is spreading as time goes on. We can’t wait to welcome you into the Tribe


” Jam packed with empowering contents, let it be live sessions, daily posts, webinars, Podcasts, newsletters, freebies and much more, we are helping Tribers to make goals, and smash them, feel more confident than ever, and ready to go beyond their potential from inside out.



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LISTEN to our podcast series anywhere you go, everywhere you are at any time! Beyond being motivationnal and inspirational, this first batch of episodes adresses a specific topic related to Healthy Relationship. Join our host to improve your perspectives, develop a positive mindset, and learn something new.

Welcoming Process

How can you benefit from all of this?

What’s out of sight for you is top of mind for us. We do care about your overall well-being.

The Tribe’s opens you the door with giveaways full of good stuffs and love. Let’s keep it as a surprise!

Webinars, freebies, podcasts, advice, stories, testimonials, tickets, etc.

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